2006-2010 (High School)

Drawing – 9” x 12” – graphite

We visited the Experience Music Project designed by Gehry while on vacation in Seattle two summers ago. We enjoyed the sculptures at Seattle Center. This drawing is based on my photograph of ‘Black Lightning’ by Ronald Bladen. I admire how its angles contrast with the curves of the Gehry building.

Painting – 10” x 15’ – watercolor

The subject of this piece can also be seen in the still life drawing. I admired the simple forms and vibrant colors of the mask, so I recreated it in watercolor. I then surrounded the mask with some abstract spirals.

Collage – 14” x 17” – Bristol board, metallic board, texture print paper with rubbings and tracings

In this piece I experimented with textures and shapes - especially circles and triangles. I echoed the shapes I had cut out by drawing them on a smaller scale. I then shaded them differently to suggest textural effects and enhanced this by using rubbings on some of the papers.

Computer Graphic Design – Photoshop

I created this image for my school’s FIRST Robotics Team. The moon symbolizes our competition which was called ‘Lunacy’. Flames represent our team name ‘Extreme Heat’. Our number is 223. Buttons with this image handed out at competitions in Trenton and Philadelphia contributed to our winning the Imagery Award.


Works done for college portfolio done in High School and Eagle Scout Project